Dwellers of Chaung Tha, a vacation resort and community on the Bengal Bay, are still counting on diesel generators to offer them electricity in blackouts of not but four years after the govt of Myanmar permitted a Chinese firm to proceed in building a close-by wind park . Before fleeing the office in March 2016, Thein Sein-run government signed a contract with China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) to expand a wind park of 30-megawatt, next to the resort in Ayeyawaddy area.

The step followed after Myanmar’s government permitted foreign firms to hold out pre-feasibility lessons on probable projects of the wind park within the western and central coastal regions within the year 2001-2015 as a fraction of its attempts to elucidate power shortages that have lasted for many years . Soe Myint, the Ministry of Electricity and Energy, the permanent secretary, stated that Myanmar depends on a mix of gas and hydropower plants. Recent hydropower projects, the critical renewable source of electricity in their nation, are experiencing public opposition due to the fear of environmental damage. Soe added that the govt also believed in coal-powered factories to satisfy the electricity demands within the short term; however, that was also rejected.

He added that wind farms were also amongst the probable recyclable resources well thought-out by the government; however, various factors limited its significance in renewables. the primary push by the govt for recyclable power came after Myanmar changed from the military government. Repeated blackouts within the year 2012 led to a protest that lasted for 2 weeks.

Soe Myint stated that it’s why the last government did most pre-feasibility studies about wind generation resources back within the year 2014 to2015 together with home and foreign private companies. The state support lack that has recently ensued appears to possess suffocated the project of Chaung Tha, although its officials maintain that it remains active.

Tin Nyein, who may be a Chaung Tha resident where the necessity for a gentle supply of electricity plagues restaurants and hotels along the hectic beach strip, confirmed that after hearing of the contract signing in Naypyidaw, they were very excited because they believed that they might eventually have access to stable electricity. Tin Nyein states that nothing has occurred since the year 2017 after professionals from China and Myanmar last gave a visit to the location .

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