The game was 1st declared quite eight years past by CD Projekt Red (CD Projekt’s developer department), WHO had already designed a substantial name with The Witcher computer game series. the sport is about in Night town – that shows a classic cyberpunk setting.

In fiction, cyberpunk could be a genre that deals with dystopian future wherever extremely advanced technology is close with degrading quality of life and social order. Following its announcement, CD Projekt Red (CDPR) followed through with a teaser trailer in 2013, beside 2 official trailers discharged throughout the Electronic amusement exhibition in 2018 and 2019, severally.

The high-definition videos showed associate degree enigmatic town straight out of the cyberpunk genre, associate degreed secure an interactive open-world game with advanced gameplay and mechanics. Also, Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves – WHO acted within the Matrix film series, additionally of the cyberpunk genre – was roped into the sport.

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