The enterprise AI company, DataRobot has been an enormous name across the world as organisations use its services to empower the teams they have already got in situ to rapidly build and deploy machine learning models and make advanced AI applications.

At this scenario, AutoML is being adopted by different companies to coach high-quality ML models specific to their business needs, even without the necessity for data science experts. Built to automate machine learning, DataRobot is leaving no stone unturned in delivering superior solutions to firms for driving their business by integrating the newest technologies like AI and data science.

Below here, we listed down, in alphabetical order, the highest 10 DataRobot alternatives one must know.

  1. AWS Sagemaker
  2. Alteryx
  3. Azure Machine Learning Studio
  4. BigML
  5. Dataiku
  6. Databricks
  7. DataRPM

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