Electric service to quite 280,000 Georgia Power customers has been restored following Hurricane Zeta. As of 1:30 p.m. Thursday, approximately 417,000 customers are without power across Georgia.

Damage assessment following widespread impacts from Hurricane Zeta is ongoing throughout Georgia and must be completed as an important step to efficiently and effectively allocate resources. Teams must first remove trees to access a number of the toughest hit areas. Once accessible, an assessment of injury is taken before crews can begin making repairs. All of Georgia Power’s teams are within the field working to assess damage and restore power.

In the field, the facility restoration process includes these key steps:

  1. Assessing Conditions – Responding crews or in major storms, damage assessment teams – work to spot trouble spots and therefore the resources needed to repair them, which could involve coming onto customers’ property. Crews will employ appropriate distancing efforts and customers are asked to stay children and pets indoors and maintain safe distances from crew members also .
  2. Making Repairs – Georgia Power crews specialise in repairs that return power to the best number of consumers within the slightest of your time .

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