This is the primary Halloween in four years that Google doodle uses Momo for a Halloween adventure. This installment of the sport may be a direct sequel to the previous one. It picks up immediately after Momo defeated the boss ghost in 2016. As he and his friends celebrate the ghosts falls on a ship within the ocean.

With Halloween in 24 hours, Google is kicking the 2020 festival into full rigging with a continuation of the Magic Cat Academy Doodle from four years prior. The ghosts cause the ship the sink and its captain to dive after it. Also, it’s obvious that the boss goes has now processed the scene. Thus, Momo leaps into action to once more face his flow within the ocean’s depths.

For Halloween 2020, the Magic Cat Academy continuation Google Doodle happens submerged “with new friends, old foes, and spooky surprises.” This “subaquatic shriek-quel” has new oceanic enemies in each level: Immortal Jellyfish, Boops, Vampire Squid, and Angelfish.

The new Google doodles for Halloween follows an equivalent principle because the previous games. That is, you play as Momo from the Magic hat Academy. Your goal is to defeat the ghosts all the high to the boss. this is often achieved by drawing symbols to correspond to the one above the enemies. thus far is just about an equivalent because the previous installment 2016. the first difference between this game within the previous installment is that the setting. That is, this game takes place within the cats on natural environment the ocean.

Levels get logically harder with more ghosts (and shape mixes) meeting on you, however this feline suitably has five lives and therefore the capacity to urge shields. Your score is noted within the upper right corner.

As you play you progress deeper into the ocean each level and defeat a boss unique thereto level. Specifically, as you progress through the amount they correspond to the various levels of the ocean. from the daylight to the ditch levels of the ocean. the ditch however doesn’t have a real boss creature. That level belongs to the boss ghost who has possessed the seafloor and its various incarnations.

The sport is extremely simple as all Google doodles is additionally very addictive. It’s quite possible to lose yourself within the challenge of trying to beat the sport . Also don’t worry if you lose all of your lives and need to start over. The restart level is that the one where you lost all of your lives. Which may be a nice touch because Momo really doesn’t like having dive through every single level again.

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