The FAQ section conjointly cautions that quoting a self-deleting message in a very response means the message “might” stay in a very chat once seven days. what is more, Disappearing Messages won’t truly delete themselves if they’re forwarded to a WhatsApp chat with Disappearing Messages disabled. each of those behaviors squares measure rather strange, as you’d suppose even a quoted self-deleting message would be omitted (leaving the reply only) which forwarding these temporary messages wouldn’t be potential.

Probably the most important strike against the WhatsApp feature is that it’s easy on/off toggle. Meanwhile, each Signal and message feature customizable expiration times that adjust from a number of seconds to every week. a lot of specifically, WhatsApp’s Disappearing Messages solely disappear once seven days. inspect a picture obtained by WABetaInfo below.

Another noteworthy drawback to the exploitation of this feature is that the recipient’s phone defaults to mechanically saving media sent via Disappearing Messages anyway. The FAQ notes that users can have to be compelled to put off auto-download practicality (Settings > information and Storage Usage) to prevent this behavior, however presumptively this can be needed for each user in a very chat. It causes you to surprise what’s the purpose of Disappearing Messages if they don’t disappear by default.

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