Right next to the town in Hong Kong , nature is closer than one might think. Shining a light-weight on this perhaps unknown wonder, the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) has launched “360° Hong Kong Moments” virtually opening the town to the planet . The extraordinary content of this computer game film reminds travel-hungry and future visitors what an exquisite and all-encompassing destination Hong Kong is.

The first within the series of 360° Hong Kong Moments was created especially to spotlight Hong Kong’s great outdoors. The computer game adventure takes viewers on an immersive journey across Hong Kong’s surprisingly easy-to-access green territory. While engaged within the film, one can looked at the mesmerizing skyline from atop stunning mountains and hear the soothing sounds of a waterfall.

From the town to the mountains, and from the coastlines to the parks, the stunning footage fully immerses viewers within the rhythms and sensations of Hong Kong’s green lungs, bringing global audiences as on the brink of Hong Kong as possible – regardless of where they’re within the world.

Hong Kong is home to a mind-blowing UNESCO World Heritage area referred to as Global Geopark. it’s filled with wild coastlines and ancient formations with rugged islands dotted round the coast. Visitors can take ferries or hire boats to go to most of the beaches and observe up close and touch the striking rock formations. Some are so wild, it’s only possible to look at them from the security of the craft.

At Double Haven may be a pristine group of islands surrounded by clear waters that feels more just like the South Pacific than Hong Kong . Simply take a ferry from Ma Liu Shui to Kat O to start out exploring this unique green and blue wonder.

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