Online education isn’t a replacement thing within the global market- indeed- it’s been prevalent since over a decade now. However, the dreaded COVID-19 is unmasking an all new face of online education within the world and although things are starting to fall back to normalcy, unending debates on reopening of faculties remains persistent, thus presenting an escalation within the online learning market graph.

If armed conflicts, global climate change induced disasters, forced displacement, and protracted crisis weren’t enough already to disrupt the education of many children and youth globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has also emerged as a brutal force accelerating the count to hit or miss value within the years to return . Surprisingly though, this outbreak seems to possess brewed a serious revolution in academia – bringing the importance of online education back to the fore.

It is not a hidden incontrovertible fact that COVID-19 pandemic has nearly paralyzed the worldwide economy while denting various small-, medium-, and large- scale industries, and to not forget, the education industry. Considering the statistics put up by UNESCO, education has been hit hard by the continued health crisis, with over 1.53 billion learners out of faculty and 143 nation-wide school closures, impacting over 67.6 per cent of the world’s total enrolled learners.

This momentous growth has undeniably offered tremendous opportunities to varied pioneers of the e-learning market to take a position heftily and support the revolution in online education across various geographies of the planet . Amongst a number of these companies, Google had recently unveiled variety of initiatives which offered the youngsters a perfect solution to realize knowledge while within the comfort of their homes.

How are e-learning leaders responding to COVID-19 situation?

One such platform, Byju’s learning app, deemed to be one among the world’s most highly valued EdTech companies, declared that ever since it announced conducting free live classes on its application, in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it recorded a huge 200 per cent increase in number of latest students.

Having mentioned about Google’s initiative towards pushing the web education across different regions to an all new level, there are several other companies adding to the present anticipated lucrative growth curve.

While, on the opposite hand, Tencent classroom, has been witnessing prolific gains since mid-February 2020 after the Chinese government instructed students to resume their studies via online platforms, successively leading to the most important ‘online movement’ within the history of education with about 81 per cent of kindergarten to class 12 students, attending classes via Tencent K-12 Online School within the Wuhan province.

Let alone the pioneers of online education, universities across the world have also been supporting the necessity for education for his or her students by offering them free courses. An exemplary model for an equivalent is given by one among the prominent ones – Harvard University . In April 2020, it had been reported that the university had unlocked over 67 online courses for free of charge to assist academics thrive through lockdown.

On top of this, recent investment by Kozhikode’s start-up company, during this field has caused a transformation within the online education market in India. News reports suggest that the corporate has recently unveiled a replacement video conferencing application, including the likes of Google Classroom or Zoom, to form the video conferencing learning hassle free for college kids and teachers during COVID-19. The app, Smart Classroom, facilitates the classes and meetings to be conducted through an interface with highly promising features than the regular online platforms.

E-learning revolution in U.S. and UK in era of COVID-19

Education industry is that the second most revenue generating industries within the us which is flourishing at a prodigious pace since the previous couple of years. Estimates claim that the industry is valued over quite USD 1 trillion.

This growth is predominantly backed by an outstanding rise in paid user base for online education within the country. Online education industry size is anticipated to rise exceptionally within the coming months thanks to the surge in demand for virtual education amidst the lockdown being enforced nationwide. things within the States remains uncertain, because the nation is grappling to combat the continued pandemic. However, schools and universities have shifted to imparting online education to their students amidst these crucial times.

How are students and teachers reverting to the present move?

A transcending shift to online education in times of COVID-19 has led to a mixture of opinions amongst different people. While some are of the opinion that the unplanned and brisk move to online learning with no training, little preparation, and insufficient bandwidth would offer a poor user experience that’s unconducive to sustained growth, others believe that this new hybrid model of education will emerge successful while leveraging essential benefits within the due course of your time .

In a nutshell, fundamental world events often stand as an inflection point for rapid innovation, one such example being rise of e-commerce post COVID-19. While, it’s yet to be seen whether this may apply to e-learning also , the web education is one among the few sectors where investment has not been paused regardless of what the conditions are. This leaves the planet to ponder about one thought: Will the education industry succumb to the COVID-19 pandemic or will it out pass the ordeal and shine within the global economy?

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