Leading workflow management system meets leading cloud-based collaboration platform for video

Telestream, a number one provider of workflow automation, media processing, quality monitoring and test and measurement solutions for the assembly and distribution of video, announced a replacement option for the Vantage media processing platform that permits direct publishing to border.io’s cloud-based collaborative platform. With the Vantage Connector for Frame.io, media files and metadata processed by Vantage in preparation for collaborative editing can now be automatically dropped directly into Frame.io user folders for seamless collaboration and review and approval workflows.

“With this announcement, the leading workflow management system, Vantage, meets the leading cloud-based collaboration platform for video, Frame.io,” said Scott Matics, Senior Director of Product Management, Telestream. “Bottlenecks in same-day airing workflows are markedly reduced, and therefore the legal review process has been standardized.”

With the Vantage Connector for Frame.io, editors and assistants not got to waste valuable time with mundane, manual transcoding tasks to urge media files into the right formats. Vantage workflow automation ensures media files and metadata are transferred to the right location for collaborators automatically, minimizing errors.

This unique integration operates in two modes: an interactive mode, and a programmatic mode. within the interactive mode, the Frame.io connector is configured using an interface that mirrors the Frame.io website structure for users, projects and assets. In programmatic mode, rather than browsing to pick projects and assets, Vantage can use the IDs to automatically configure the connector’s publishing methodology.

“Users across large organizations in media and entertainment have reported a big improvement to their production process with the implementation of the Vantage Connector for Frame.io,” said Max Baehr, Senior Manager of Platform Solutions at Frame.io. “Now there’s a centralized place for review and approval workflows across worldwide offices and teams find the interface simple to use, with minimal onboarding for collaborators.”

Once the “publish to border .io” action has completed, Vantage can email team members to allow them to know the asset is prepared for the collaborative process facilitated by Frame.io. Existing Vantage capabilities can then complete the distribution media processing tasks required once the creative process completes within Frame.io. The Frame.io connector also can be a part of larger workflows that include prepping content for edit and for archival storage.

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