A recent study published by report market on the spice & seasonings market includes U.S. industry analysis and opportunity assessment for 2020-2030. The revenue generated from the U.S. spice & seasonings market is estimated to be US$ 1.18 Bn in 2020, which is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 6.9%, to succeed in US$ 2.3 Bn by 2030.

Increasing Millennial Demand for Flavored Food

Millennials are trying to find high-quality products through their interest in food without compromising on flavors and taste. the notice about high-quality food that contributes to healthiness has pushed millennials to hunt flavors that provide better taste, along side health benefits.

Flavoring food products are a serious trend that the food & beverages industry has rapidly witnessed. The younger generation is more fascinated by different flavors and cuisines from various regions. Tasting vibrant flavors in their favorite food dishes is what most millennials and therefore the gen z population are seeking. Flavor imparted by different spices and seasonings is increasing in demand, due to its spice and savory taste, which is being widely accepted by the younger generation.

Growing Consumer Preference for Organic Spices and Seasonings

Consumers today consider health to be of paramount importance and are spending on organic food, due to health benefits. The increased awareness about harmful chemicals used during agriculture has pushed consumers toward organic spices and seasonings within the U.S.

Effects of organic products on consumer’s health are important within the expansion of the organic products segment, which, in turn, is fueling the demand for organic spices and seasonings. Government initiatives within the U.S. promoting organic food as organic farming helps in maintaining the environment health by reducing the extent of pollution, are further influencing the expansion of organic spice & seasonings market within the U.S.

Increased Application of Spices in Cosmetics and private Care to supply Sales Opportunities for Manufacturers

The number of consumers spending on cosmetics and private care is that the U.S. has increased. the notice regarding natural ingredients within the U.S. has pushed cosmetic ODM, beauty product manufacturers, and contract manufacturers to maneuver faraway from chemicals to natural ingredients for providing benefits to customers with none side effects.

Spices as natural ingredients have excellent properties for enhancing beauty. Cumin prevents premature aging, ginger gives radiant and refreshed look, nutmeg is employed as antiseptic, and cinnamon oil is employed in creams for its blemish-eliminating property. The trend of ‘Clean Beauty’ and ‘Green Beauty’ is compelling cosmetics scientists to increasingly incorporate natural ingredients for creating new formulations. This has led to increased sales opportunity for spices and seasonings manufacturers. Creative, innovative, and affordable premium range of beauty products are attracting customers toward cosmetics and private care products, which successively offer opportunity for spices manufacturers to extend the appliance area of their products.

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