Google has decided to satisfy the stress made by 2000 employees to travel carbon-free and overcome the difficulties operational .

On September 14, 2020, Google, Inc., a U.S.-based tech giant, announced to rework its all operations carbon-free by 2030. Although Google has been investing in renewable energy project they still are reliant on non-renewable resources. Since 2007, Google has been carbon neutral annually . However, Google released 4.9 million MT of greenhouse gases alone in 2018.

“We have until 2030 to chart a sustainable cause for our planet or face the worst consequences of global climate change ,” Google CEO Sundar Pichai said during a video released today.

“We are already feeling those impacts today from historic wildfires within the US to devastating flooding in many parts of the planet .”

Google decided to require this pledge as its HQ in California continues to burn and choke in smoke thanks to global climate change . Google has decided to satisfy the demand made by 2,000 employees to travel zero carbon emission by 2030 since the workers joined the worldwide climate strike in September. Other tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon haven’t been ready to meet those demands. However, Microsoft announced in January that they’re going to remove all the carbon pollution by 2050 which is indeed harder than what Google has achieved.

Google has got to overcome many difficulties to run its operations carbon-free as they could need more and more batteries to store and provide energy when the sun doesn’t shine and wind come to halt. Google is additionally trying to use AI to satisfy the electrical demand and also to use energy efficiently. Once the info center of Google is prepared to be carbon-free, every task are often through with the assistance of unpolluted energy.

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